Curiosity Rover Image Synth

Images from NASA/JPL.
Rover position and camera pointing data from NASA/NAIF.
website by Joe Knapp

Camera is selectable between the two navigation cameras (NAVCAM LEFT, NAVCAM RIGHT), two color cameras on the mast (MASTCAM LEFT and MASTCAM RIGHT) and CHEMCAM. The NAVCAMs have a 45.3° field of view, MASTCAM LEFT 20.3° MASTCAM RIGHT 7.0° and CHEMCAM 1.1°.

Only full frame (or nearly full frame) images are displayed. NASA/NAIF data that is used to get camera pointing and rover location is released periodically, usually twice a day, so there may be a delay of some hours between when a raw image is released by NASA and when it is displayed here.

Images are grouped by station number (each time the rover drives it establishes a new station). Placenames and feature names are provided in the drop-down menu when available.

The images are stacked on top of each other but will come to the front with a mouseover. Clicking on a image will bring up a new tab with a map of the rover postion and a larger view of the raw image. The raw image can be downloaded with a right click.

At some busy locations there may be some images that are inaccessible because they are completely covered. Hitting refresh will stack the images in a new random order which may bring some others into view.

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