This search engine is a front end to the official NASA Curiosity raw image website. It is not affiliated with NASA or JPL.

Images are searchable by tags, which are one-word alphanumeric strings (including the underscore character _). Tags are added by other users or by yourself if you set up an account (see login link). If you login, a red tag icon will appear next to each image, linking to a tagging page for that image.

Tags you add can be public (viewable and searchable by others) or private (viewable and searchable only by you).

To search for raw images, enter image tags in the search box. Common tags are the camera names such as mastcam navcam hazcam chemcam mahli mardi. Entering for example 'mastcam' will list all mastcam images including the left and right mastcams. Individual camera names can also be used: ml mr nla nlb nra nrb fla fra flb frb rla rra rlb rrb cr mh md.

Note that only images matching all tags given will be listed, so searching for 'mastcam navcam' will not list all mastcam and navcam images, but will in fact list no images, because no image is both from mastcam and navcam. In this example, if you want to get all mastcam and navcam images, use a dash (-) in front of tags to exclude them, i.e., "-hazcam -chemcam -mahli -mardi" will list all mastcam and navcam images.

A very useful search tag is the sol number (the Mars day number) where sol 0 is Curiosity's first day on Mars. To search by sol number, enter the tag such as "sol39". So searching for "sol39" will list all images from all cameras taken on sol 39, while "mr sol39" will list all images taken by the right mastcam on sol 39. Again, something like "mr -sol39" will list all mastcam right images not taken on sol 39.

Images can be listed according to size, in the classes thumbnail, small, medium and large. This is particularly useful in filter out the many thumbnail and subframed images if desired. For example, "mastcam large sol39" lists all large mastcam images taken on sol 39, while "mastcam -thumbnail -small sol39" lists all large and medium mastcam images taken on sol 39.

The image size is determined by the number of pixels in the image as follows:

thumbnailnpixels < ~67K (~256x256)
small ~67K < npixels < ~262K (~512x512)
medium~262K < npixels < ~480K (~800x600)
largenpixels > ~480K (~800x600)

Another tag of incidental interest is based on the time of day that the image was taken: morning, midday, afternoon, night, sunrise, sunset. Sunrise and sunset are defined as any image taken within a half hour of those events. Morning is between sunrise and 11am, midday between 11am and 1pm, afternoon between 1pm and sunset and night between sunset and sunrise.

Mousing over an image will bring up a preview. Scrolling to the bottom of the page will automatically fetch more results if any.

On the search results page are two selection lists to specify the sort order for the results. The default sort is descending by when the image was released by NASA, so that's effectively the "what's new" view.

That's it--have fun searching for Curiosity images from Mars!

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